Thursday, 29 November 2012

Morning in Warsaw/Afternoon in London/Soirée in Roma and...Morning after in Rio

 Ingredients for a long time wait -survival kit- at the airport :

 Chai Latte with Brown Sugar 

 Freaky Friend who took a day off work especially to see you
Box of Magic cards 

Angels to remember and call upon when in Danger : Seraphina - protector of family happiness ,Zanna-keeps you safe from harm and Indriel-reminds you about your light and right to shine :) )

  Facebook status check-in :)

 Sunny day

  Sharp light for spontaneous photoshoot

 Funny hat borrowed from Freaky Friend & Favourite lipgloss-a must!

 Fancy designer's watch ( not to be lost on the trip! )

 a bit of self-reflection and deep analysis of everything at once  

 Smile- a must have all seasons ! 

 casual but elegant and !!! comfy -12 hour flight -outfit!

 valid boarding pass to a paradise beach destination ! forgotten bikini shouldn't be a problem :)

 leaving the past behind-remembering what happens on holidays stays on holidays - regardless of destination!  :) and 

Carpe diem & noctem !  Rio! Beware Ola-la is on her way!

 while the freaky sick friend waves goodbye!and stays behind in the mad city :)

 Please be advised that the post above has been created entirely without Ola' la's intention by the Freaky friend herself and the author takes no responsibility whatsoever for the impact it may cause to probable viewers. Also please notice that the so called FF a.k.a temporary author has no clue about any fashion or similar stuff as her own style has been recognized once by a random remark as '' you look like some intellectual bump'' Mind the gaps everyone and may the Angels fly you high!